3rd Gourmet Exhibition / 6, 7, 8 April 2019 / Thessaloniki

Andreas Lagos - Nomad Chef

Chef Andreas Lagos in

The famous nomad chef Andreas Lagos is coming to the premier event 'Gourmet Olive Exhibition & Delicacies'. Don't miss the chance to meet Andreas Lagos


Who is Andreas Lagos

I was born in Samos island and raised in the fields and gardens
of my home village. I cannot describe the influence of these
childhood experiences in my adult life.

I realize it everyday and every time I use and appreciate the
amazing Greek materials, vegetables, fruits, herbs. I always wanted
to be near the casserole during boiling, near the heated oven, to
watch the pasta, to observe how the cake is baked and gets its golden
color in the warmth of the oven.

I cook as long as remember myself! My first dessert was
Papadopoulos biscuits with egg cream whereas my first salty dish was
an omelet where I put the potatoes raw! A few years later, I used to
sign my mother’s cookbooks as “Andreas Lagos, chef de Paris”

I studied in Athens, cooking and pastry at Le Monde college.
Even from the first year I did my practice at the 5 star hotel
Doryssa, in Samos. I learned that whoever works makes mistakes,
something that I even now remember when I work in a kitchen and
transfer my knowledge to my brigade.

At 19 years old, I won the golden metal in the pan European
contest for Mediterranean cooking in Crete. My cooperation with the
team of Aristera-Dexia restaurant defined my career and gave me the
opportunity to work in important restaurants like Tomato in Santorini
and Asterias in Sani resort in Halkidiki, where I was the head chef.
I want to view and study the cooking art in multi levels – even if at
the bloody benches of the state school of meat or at the Ritz’s
kitchen-surgery room in Paris.

I have also studied wine-making following a 2 year course. My
need to get out of the micro-world of my kitchen and to share my love
and knowledge for food, lead me to the 360 concept Andreas Lagos,
nomad chef. Under the nomad signature, I cook for private high-tea
parties, brunches, din­ners and transmit to the devotees of creative
cuisine my experience and knowledge through private cooking lessons.
I work as a consultant for restaurants, hotels, delicatessen. When I
don’t cook I write recipes for magazines and gastronomy sites.

I participate I various social corporate responsibility
programs as prevention and education programs for infantile obesity
and feeding programs for social groups in need.

I am in the process of writing my first book and I am
continuously travelling to Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Italy,
Spain exploring Mediterranean cuisine which is a great chapter in
history of cooking.

When I do not anything of the above, I love to spend time in my
garden, on my veranda, playing with my cat Soussi, watching cinema,
listening to music. Whenever possible, I travel to my island to visit
little Apostolis, my sister’s son. I love to return to the fields of
my childhood so the fairytale can begin from the start – the
fairytale of my wandering in magical cooking….

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