The Gourmet Exhibition’s Specialist Awards is a contest of quality for Greek standardized products held in Greece. A large network of experienced and specialized connoisseurs and professionals from many different fields makes up the panel of judges. The main goal of the Specialist Awards is to promote the choicest Greek products and the Greek brand name. Leading Greek products compete for a place on the world’s shelves through a modern, reliable and impartial awards process. Welcome to our 2021 Specialist Awards.


The Framework

The Specialist Awards were created in 2019 within the framework of the Gourmet Exhibition, and were preceded by the Audience Awards in 2017. Our goal is the value added and promotion of select Greek standardized products. After their success, they returned with an enhanced role and special significance in the evaluation and promotion of the Greek brand name, with broader thematic groupings for awards and targeted selection of experts in the Greek brand name who form the panel of judges.


With the largest panel of trained experts in the evaluation and taste-testing of Greek products, the institution of Specialist Awards takes care to promote your product and highlight its potential. Sales of your product are increased, their popularity and promotion are strengthened, and the network of your contacts among professionals and the public familiar with your product is expanded. With the seal of the Gourmet Exhibition’s Specialist Awards, your product stands out on shelves



Application cost
40€ + VAT

5 applications + 1 free
200 € + VAT

8 applications + 2 free
320 € + VAT







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