3rd Gourmet Exhibition / 6, 7, 8 April 2019 / Thessaloniki


Company Products
111 Elies Soaps, skin care, vegetable oils, essential oils, bath accessories, natural dental care
12 stremmata Organic aromatic and medicinal herbs, honey
Alexandra Mimikou Pastries, cookies
American Farm School College, Research Center, High school
Anthea Organics Herbal tea
Anthima  Honey
Arritos Hellenic Herbs Herbs
Atalanti Bio Organic products: olives, olive oil, olive paste
Atropos Land Wild lavender tea
Bee Naturalles Organic apiculture products · Natural skin care products
Beekeeper Family Papadopoulos Honey
Chef Stories Jams and chutneys
Cocoowa Handmade chocolates
Cretan Beauty Natural / organic cosmetics – Organic extra virgin olive oil
Cura Naturale Handmade natural cosmetics
Dirfis Mushrooms Mushroom products  
Elawon Extra virgin olive oils, honey, pesto, natural soaps
Ellion Olive delicacies, spreads, extra virgin olive oil
Evora  Herbal teas, spoon sweets, jams 
Family Farms Organic & traditional table olives / olive oil products; bakery products; tomato sauces; honey & bee products; sea salt; organic herbs & other organic products
Figland Royal fig products
Focus – Fresh Oil Cosmetics Natural cosmetics – soaps
Food Wise Wholesale and ditributor of fine Greek products. 
   Bagatzounis Spices Spices, Herbs & beverages (Foodwise)
   Greek Nuts Peanut products (Foodwise)
   Helmos Honey Honey (Foodwise)
   Joice Foods Organic products: cereal, breadsticks (Food Wise)
   Oikopal Organic products: cookies, sugar free products, pasta, trahanas, breadsticks (FoodWise)
Flexi – Wheels Shop on wheels
Grand Juicy  Homemade fruit juices, sugar free
Greenolia Organic and extra virgin olive oils, organic olives, handmade soaps
HD seven Flavored olive oil dressing, organic
Kassandra ice cream Ice cream with early harvest olive oil PDO Chalkidiki
Keleon Olive oils and olives
Kumilio All about figs: sun dried figs, fig jam, fig bars, fig syrup, fig spoon sweet  
Ladolea Organic extra virgin olive oil, sweet vinegar
Lagadas farm Pickled vegetables-antipasti, traditional foods
Lazaris products Traditional sweets, ouzo, liquers 
Lemnos Philema Gastronomy and wine festival of Lemnos
   Kavourmas Lemnou Traditional luncheon meats of Lemnow (Filema Lemnos)
   Ktima Olon Extra virgin olive  oil (Filema Lemnos)
   Salamousas Agrifood Durum wheat PDO, legumes (Filema Lemnos)
Marianna’s Products Vine products; frozen products
Maron Extra virgin olive oil
Matis Distillery Ouzo, liquers
Meat Company Lunch and deli meats
Monastic  Organic handmade / homemade products from Mt Athos
Monogram Olive Oil Organic extra virgin olive oil
Mouro Organic products from superfood aronia: sundried aronia, syrup, jam
Nature Blessed PC Extra virgin olive oil
Niama Gluten Free Gluten free pasta products
Pellas Nature  Infused organic extra virgin olive oil  
Petit Grecs Confectionary Bakery
Philion Elaion Extra virgin olive oil
Phyotosofia Herbs & natural cosmetics
Plaisir Patisserie, cakes, pastries, traditional sweets, icecream, pies, cookies, syrop sweets, chocolate truffles
Rhoeco Herbal tea
Rodani Olympus Pomegranate liqeur
Salt Odyssey Variety of salts, natural and flavored
Sinaxis  Extra virgin olive oil, olives
Src Group Zeolite Clean
Sykoutris Traditional sweets
Ta Nisiotika Frozen foods, ready made salads
Terra Creta Extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and cream, greek olives (organic/non-organic)
Terra Fyllida Premium mushroom products
Thallon Extra virgin olive oil
Tombazis Olive Grove Extra virgin olive oil
Vasilakis Soaps Handmade soaps
Vertiskos-Vrohi Olive oil soaps, natural personal care products
Vita Greca   Wholesale and ditributor of fine Greek products
   Alexandros  Handmade chocolates (VitaGreca)
   Gaia Mama Tomato sauce (Vita Greca)
   Natural History & Mushroom Museum Mushroom products (Vita Greca)
   Papadeas Vinegars Vinegars (Vita Greca)
Voras Flavours Sauces, traditional foods, liqueurs, spoon sweets
ELKO – Idi prikos Handmade aprons 

Last update: April 2, 2019

Region of Central Macedonia
Municipality Of Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki Food Festival
Perrotis College - Krinos Olive Center
Αμερικανική Γεωργική Σχολή
Bahar Boutique Hotel Thessaloniki
Mediterranean Palace Hotel Thessaloniki
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